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Jay Mulley

Staff profile placeholder
  • Teaching Fellow in Biomedical Sciences
  • Admissions Tutor for BSc Microbiology
  • PhD supervisor   

Areas of interest

Development of novel methods to treat and prevent infectious diseases.


  • Part 1. Introductory Microbiology (Convenor); Bacteriology & Virology (Convenor); Pathology & Histology
  • Part 2. Infectious Diseases; Molecular Genetics; Marine Biology & Conservation
  • Part 3. Mechanisms for Microbial function; Research Project Supervisor 

Research centres and groups

Research projects

   Current research projects include:
  • Investigation of the antimicrobial and cytotoxic properties of metal ions and nanoparticles, and mechanisms of resistance in human pathogens
  • Development of a novel virus-like particle Polio vaccine using E. coli and baculovirus expression systems
  • Isolating bacteriophages to investigate potential use in treatment of bacterial infections (phage therapy)

Awards and honours

Esteem Factors

  • Recent publication in Science (2015)

Selected publications

Pre 2015

  • Nollmann, F. I., C. Dauth, G. Mulley, C. Kegler, M. Kaiser, N. R. Waterfield, H. B. Bode (2014) Insect-specific production of new GameXPeptides in Photorhabdus luminescens TTO1, widespread natural products in entomopathogenic bacteria. ChemBioChem 16(2): 205-208
  • Mulley, G.*, A. T. A. Jenkins, N. R. Waterfield (2014) Inactivation of the antibacterial and cytotoxic properties of silver ions by biologically relevant compounds. PLOS One. 9(4):e94409.*Corresponding author
  • Prell, J., G. Mulley, F. Haufe, J. P. White, A. Williams, R. Karunakaran, J. A. Downie, P. S. Poole (2012) The PTSNtr system globally regulates ATP-dependent transporters in Rhizobium leguminosarum. Molecular Microbiology 84(1): 117-129
  • Mulley, G., J. P. White, A. Bourdes, J. Prell, R. Karunakaran, S. Bunnewell, L. Hill, G. Chandra, P. S. Poole (2011) Mutation of GOGAT prevents pea bacteroid formation and N2 fixation by globally down-regulating transport of organic nitrogen sources. Molecular Microbiology 80(1): 149-167
  • Poulter, N., M. Donaldson, G. Mulley, L. Duque, N. Waterfield, A. G. Shard, S. Spencer, A. T. A. Jenkins, A. L. Johnson (2011) Plasma deposited metal Schiff-base compounds as antimicrobials. New Journal of Chemistry 35: 1477-1484
  • Zhou, J., A. L. Loftus, G. Mulley, A. T. A. Jenkins (2010) A thin film detection/response system for pathogenic bacteria. Journal of the American Chemical Society 132: 6566-6570
  • Mulley, G., M. Lopez-Gomez, Y. Zhang, J. Terpolilli, J. Prell, T. Finan, P. S. Poole (2010) Pyruvate is synthesized by two pathways in pea bacteroids with different efficiencies for nitrogen fixation. Journal of Bacteriology 192: 4944-4953

Impact, enterprise and outreach

- Lead Academic Developer of the Open Online Course (OOC) Small & Mighty: Introduction to Microbiology available on the FutureLearn platform