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Business networks

The KTC has substantial expertise in setting up, managing, and developing non-academic networks, and we can support you to grow your network in several different ways.

The introduction of the Industrial Strategy changed the research funding landscape, and there is now a much greater focus on challenge or problem-led research that needs an interdisciplinary approach across academia and partners.

Being part of a network enables the development of understanding of the challenges of your potential partners. These funding calls require a track record in collaborating with partners and their short timeframes do not allow for the development of new relationships.

Being part of non-academic networks and having non-academic partners as part of your own networks is now an essential collaboration/commercialisation tool.

The KTC is well connected to internal, regional and national networks and networking organisations.

We are currently managing:

  • Thames Valley AI Hub – a large business-focused regional network for those working in and with AI in the Thames Valley to accelerate innovation
  • Machine Learning and AI Community of Practice
  • Defence and Security Innovation Platform (DSIP)

Contact Clare Stratford, Events and Networks Manager, for more information.