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RESPONSIBILITY FOR HALLUCINATING with Professor Jeannie Marie Paterson
5/14/2024 1:52 PM

CCLFR Research Seminar – RESPONSIBILITY FOR HALLUCINATING Book your free place by visiting the online store.

Are there ever ‘vulnerable investors’? CCLFR research seminar with Professor Jodi Gardner
5/5/2024 8:56 AM

CCLFR Research Seminar – ARE THERE EVER ‘VULNERABLE INVESTORS’? To book your free place visit the online store.

Ruvi Ziegler and Schrödinger’s asylum-seekers
5/4/2024 5:54 PM

Ruvi Ziegler wrote to The Times on claiming asylum. You can read the letter below, or follow the link to […]

In Conversation with JO PHOENIX
4/21/2024 4:16 PM

  In Conversation with Akua Reindorf (KC), Annie Powell and Professor Jo Phoenix: the implications of the Phoenix judgement. In […]

Ruvi Ziegler discusses the upcoming European Parliamentary Elections
4/19/2024 9:17 AM

In the lead-up to the June European Parliament elections, Ruvi Ziegler spoke at an event held on Wednesday 17th April […]

Private Nuisance and Private Spaces: Reflections on Fearn v Tate
4/10/2024 8:36 AM

Abstract The recent and controversial decision of the UK Supreme Court in Fearn v Tate Gallery has caused many to […]