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The Language Studies Working Papers (LSWP) brings together contributions from staff and students in various Schools across the University of Reading, in order to reflect a variety of perspectives on language-related research in the following areas:

  • academic literacy
  • discourse and sociolinguistics
  • phonetics and phonology
  • child language development
  • second language skills and processing
  • clinical studies
  • Italian studies
  • German studies
  • French studies
  • Spanish studies

LSWP volumes contain contributions from members of staff and doctoral students within the School of Humanities, the Institute of Education, the International Study and Language Institute, Psychology & Clinical Language Sciences, and Politics & International Relations. Explore the contents pages of Volumes 1 to 10 below and link to the papers from 2009 to 2019.

Submissions may include presentations given at departmental conferences and research carried out for theses. If you are writing up your thesis, the text used in the LSWP paper can be reused for the thesis. Original work from exceptional BA and MA and MRes dissertations may also be considered. All submissions should be unpublished and be entirely written by their author(s).

Manuscripts are anonymously peer-reviewed by staff and students specialising in the relevant field of studies. Papers should be emailed to the Editors as a .doc attachment. The maximum length allowed, including notes and references, is approximately 5,000 words. A 200-word abstract summarising the content of the paper should be included after its title. Please also include the author's full name, course details and address, as well as a short biographic note in the accompanying email.

The Language Studies Working Papers have been produced by the Department of English Language and Applied Linguistics, on behalf of the School of Literature and Languages at the University of Reading.

The articles from the last 10 volumes can be accessed below.

Language Studies Working Papers 2

Editors: L.J. O'Brien and D.S. Giannoni

Language Studies Working Papers 4

Editors: C. Ciarlo and D.S. Giannoni

From the Editors

Presentation (1-2) 


Beth Law, Carmel Houston-Price and Tom Loucas

Using Gaze Direction to Learn Words at 18 Months: Relationships with Later Vocabulary (3-14) 

Thomas Doukas and Theodoros Marinis

The Acquisition of Person and Number Morphology Within the Verbal Domain in Early Greek (15-25) 

Zdislava Siskova

Lexical Richness in EFL Students' Narratives (26-36)



Virginie Pignot-Shahov

Measuring L2 Receptive and Productive Vocabulary Knowledge (37-45) 

Larissa D'Angelo

From Posters to e-Posters: The Evolution of a Genre (46-54)

Language Studies Working Papers 5

Editors: C. Ciarlo and D.S. Giannoni

Language Studies Working Papers 6

Editors: C. Ciarlo and D.S. Giannoni

Language Studies Working Papers 7

Editors: C. Ryder and D.S. Giannoni

This is a Special Issue of the LSWP to mark the 50th Anniversary of Linguistics at Reading.  

Editorial by Prof Jane Setter & Prof Theo Marinis

Fifty Years of Linguistics at Reading (1-4) 


Mike Garman

The Department of Linguistic Science and Its Successors (5-12) 

Pauline Robinson

Applied Linguistics at the University of Reading: Theory Put into Practice and practice Refining Theory (13-17) 

Vesna Stojanovik

Clinical Language Sciences at Reading: An Overview (18-21)  


Chris Ryder

Language, Linguistics and UoR Pioneers: An Interview with David Crystal (22-26) 


Alastair Walker

Linguistics in Reading and Life Thereafter (27-35) 

Fay Bainbridge

Apps-olutely Brilliant: Can Technology Improve the Spelling Ability of Primary School Children? (36-49) 

Nina Freund

Recent Change in the Use of Stative Verbs in the Progressive Form in British English: I'm loving it (50-61)

Language Studies Working Papers 8

Editors: S. Payne and R. Leonard


Social Relations and Bilingualism (1-2)  


Yanos Soubieski

Loneliness and Language in Althusserian Thought (3-11) 

Areej Albawardi

Digital Literacy Practices of Female Saudi University Students: Insights from Electronic Literacy Logs (12-22) 


Shi Zhang

Heritage Speakers and Morphosyntactic Processing in Bilinguals (23-35) 

George Pontikas, Ianthi Tsimpli and Theo Marinis

Language Production and Comprehension in Bilingual SLI: Evidence from Complex Morphosyntactic Structures (36-46) 

Ngee Yap Thai, Rogayah A Razak, Ewa Haman, Magdalena Luniewska and Jeanine Treffers-Daller

Construction of the Malay Cross-linguistic Lexical Task: A Preliminary Report (47-61)

Language Studies Working Papers 9

Editors: S. Payne and R. Leonard