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Forms and Guides, Policies and Procedures

These pages contain the forms and guides necessary to complete Finance related processes, as well as detailed information on the University's Financial Regulations and Financial Strategy and the supporting Policies and Procedures.

If you have trouble locating the information you need please try the searchable A - Z index


Many users of Finance services will be aware of the need to 'fill in the right form' in order to do what they want to do.

Please follow the links for the most frequently used forms, including the Expenses Claim Form and the Paying in Form

Batch Input Forms (BIFs)

The latest versions of the most common types of BIF are held in Agresso and can accessed from there. Anyone wishing to download the latest version will need to log on to Agresso (link on right) click on Reports in the menu section and then click on Useful Information and Downloads. The BIF templates are shown there.

The common ones are:

AP BIF Template - Accounts Payable BIF. To be used for recording and authorising invoices that have not gone through the P2P process. An example of this is payments to host families.

AR Adjustment BIF Template - Accounts Receivable Adjustment BIF. To be used mainly for adjusting student charges particularly between a student and sponsor.

AR BIF Template - Accounts receivable BIF. Used for paying student bursaries, stipends etc that have not gone through RISIS.

GL BIF Template - General Ledger BIF. Used for general corrections and internal transfers.

Payroll BIF Template - used for correcting salary entries.

There are a number of non-routine BIFs that are used intermittently. In the first instance the General Ledger team would need to be contacted to obtain the latest version of the relevant item or refer the query to the appropriate place.

Practical Guides

There are a number of areas of financial activity that we all have an interest in and where the role of the Finance Department is to manage the processes involved. To help us all understand what is required we have developed a series of practical guides to cover the areas where questions are most frequently asked.

Financial Manual

The Financial Manual is an essential component in ensuring the effective, efficient and consistent applications of financial controls and systems within the University. The Manual sets out in detail the University's key financial policies and procedures that need to be followed.

Financial Regulations

The University of Reading Financial Regulations, which have been approved by the Council, set out the responsibility for financial matters within the University and, in broad terms, the financial policies and procedures to be followed within the University.

Finance policies

Related Policies


Finance Service Levels

The role of Finance is to provide financial support and advice to the University and run a variety of financial services on behalf of the institution.

The Financial Service Levels page provides links to the services offered by Finance and the level of support given to each. It is intended as a reference document for those involved in financial activity within the University.

Finance Complaints Procedure

Finance endeavours to provide a satisfactory, prompt and courteous service at all times. We recognise, however, that there may be occasions when standards fall short or when the normal feedback routines may not fully address an issue. We therefore have a formal complaints procedure to ensure that your complaints are dealt with in a prompt, polite and professional manner, and further contribute towards improving our service.

Things to do now

If you need advice on anything in the Financial Regulations, the Financial Manual, or the Practical Guides please contact:

Andrew Grice
Director of Finance