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Ever since deciding to pursue an LLB from a renowned and well-known institution, the University of Reading was always Mohamed’s destination of choice for higher education. 

A lawyer at a global energy company in the Sultanate of Oman, Mohamed’s job entails preparing agreements and corporate-related documents, as well as ensuring compliance and due diligence in all areas pertaining to the local office.

“Graduating from the University of Reading helped me to distinguish myself in the field. The education and experience that I have gained has certainly enhanced my abilities and knowledge in the areas of law that relate to my job.”


Human rights for all

The LLB Law programme at Reading has had the most impact on Mohamed’s knowledge of International Human Rights Law, since it has served as a guide both professionally and personally.

“Whether I'm publishing on security, artificial intelligence, or even cybercrime, most of my current and former research focuses on people's privacy. In my final year at Reading, I devoted most of my time to my dissertation on the Death Penalty, which has undoubtedly provided me with a solid research and analytical basis. Because the majority of my study was comparative in nature, writing about other philosophies, laws, and judicial systems put me in a good position.”

Career ready

The entire time Mohamed spent at Reading has had a significant impact on his present work path.

“Every module, whether EU Law, International Human Rights Law, or Contract Law, laid the groundwork and served as a guide for my professional life. To be more specific, the skills in legal writing and negotiation, and the international perspective I have gained at Reading have prepared me to oversee and manage documents from other jurisdictions, and publish comparative research.”

Incredible support

Being an international student in such a culturally diverse university, Mohamed welcomed the opportunity to meet students from various countries and to exchange different cultural perspectives.

“The LLB students came from all over the world, and from various legal systems. We are still in touch, demonstrating the lifelong friendships formed.”

The understanding and continuous support of the faculty in general also facilitated the entire academic settlement process.

“Dedication towards whatever I am working on is unquestionably a quality that the School of Law has inscribed within me. This can only happen when a person receives constant support and candid feedback and advice.”