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We produce leading research in specific fields within environmental mathematics, numerical analysis, mathematical physics and mathematical biology.

We organise and carry out our research activity in five research groups.

Applied and numerical mathematics research groups


Complex Fluids and Theoretical Polymer Physics

This group focuses on the structure and dynamics of complex fluids, with polymeric fluids being the overarching theme.

Data Assimilation and Inverse Problems

Data assimilation (DA) is used in weather, ocean, and climate science to find the trajectory of a model by combining numerical models with observed data.

Geophysical Fluid Dynamics

The Geophysical Fluid Dynamics group investigates the properties of large-scale motions of fluids taking place on the Earth and other planets.

Mathematical Biology

This group's research is focused in the areas of cardiovascular health, bacterial chemotaxis, lipoprotein metabolism, quantitative systems pharmacology, neuroscience and neurodynamics, and tumour growth.


Numerical Analysis and Computational Modelling

Numerical analysis research in Reading is primarily focused on solving differential equations numerically. The group develops and analyses algorithms in order to model a range of physical phenomena.

Athena SWAN Silver Award