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Transition and Retention Team

About us

The Transition & Retention Team centrally coordinate Welcome for new students each year. This includes supporting all academic schools & central services to deliver their Welcome provisions, as well as running events for underrepresented student groups & quieter alcohol-free socials. We also support & oversee the main in-person enrolment period over Intake and Welcome and manage the UoR Welcome app. 

In addition, Transition & Retention manage the University's main Peer Support programmes, STaR Mentoring & Peer Assisted Learning (PAL). We also coordinate and deliver a series of socials to support continued sense of belonging for students.


Services for students

  • STaR Mentor Scheme - STaR Mentors are current students that have been trained to help new students with their start at Reading. Mentors contact new students by email before they start and in person during the first term. 
  • Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) - is an academic study scheme offered in modules that are known to be difficult and where students struggle to gain good results or understanding of tough concepts. In academic PAL sessions, students are guided through course concepts by their PAL Leader, a competent student who has been trained in group-facilitation techniques.
  • Student Events - events across the University for all students and for underrepresented groups. 

Resources for staff